T0023 "Distort facts"

Tactic stage: TA06

Summary: Change, twist, or exaggerate existing facts to construct a narrative that differs from reality. Examples: images and ideas can be distorted by being placed in an improper content


Has counters:

C00017 Repair broken social connections
C00019 Reduce effect of division-enablers
C00021 Encourage in-person communication
C00022 Innoculate. Positive campaign to promote feeling of safety
C00024 Promote healthy narratives
C00027 Create culture of civility
C00046 Marginalise and discredit extremist groups
C00072 Remove non-relevant content from special interest groups - not recommended
C00073 Inoculate populations through media literacy training
C00081 Highlight flooding and noise, and explain motivations
C00082 Ground truthing as automated response to pollution
C00092 Establish a truth teller reputation score for influencers
C00096 Strengthen institutions that are always truth tellers

Detection methods include:


Examples include:

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