T0004 "Develop Competing Narratives"

Tactic stage: TA14

Summary: Advance competing narratives connected to same issue ie: on one hand deny incident while at same time expresses dismiss. Suppressing or discouraging narratives already spreading requires an alternative. The most simple set of narrative techniques in response would be the construction and promotion of contradictory alternatives centered on denial, deflection, dismissal, counter-charges, excessive standards of proof, bias in prohibition or enforcement, and so on. These competing narratives allow loyalists cover, but are less compelling to opponents and fence-sitters than campaigns built around existing narratives or highly explanatory master narratives. Competing narratives, as such, are especially useful in the "firehose of misinformation" approach.


Has counters:

C00042 Address truth contained in narratives
C00080 Create competing narrative
C00081 Highlight flooding and noise, and explain motivations
C00082 Ground truthing as automated response to pollution
C00084 Modify disinformation narratives, and rebroadcast them
C00125 Prebunking
C00126 Social media amber alert
C00156 Better tell your country or organization story
C00161 Coalition Building with stakeholders and Third-Party Inducements
C00162 Unravel/target the Potemkin villages
C00164 compatriot policy
C00169 develop a creative content hub

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