TA02 "Plan Objectives"

Belongs to phase P01 Plan

Summary: Set clearly defined, measurable, and achievable objectives. Achieving objectives ties execution of tactical tasks to reaching the desired end state. There are four primary considerations: - Each desired effect should link directly to one or more objectives - The effect should be measurable - The objective statement should not specify the way and means of accomplishment - The effect should be distinguishable from the objective it supports as a condition for success, not as another objective or task.

TA02 Tasks
TK0004 Identify target subgroups Identify groups that can best be used to meet incident goals
TK0005 Analyse subgroups Analyse subgroups
TK0006 create master narratives create master narratives
TK0007 Decide on techniques (4Ds etc) Decide on techniques (4Ds etc)
TK0008 Create subnarratives Create subnarratives
TK0009 4chan/8chan coordinating content 4chan/8chan coordinating content
TK0032 OPSEC for TA02 OPSEC for TA02

TA02 Techniques
T0002 Facilitate State Propaganda Organize citizens around pro-state messaging. Coordinate paid or volunteer groups to push state propaganda.
T0066 Degrade Adversary Plan to degrade an adversary’s image or ability to act. This could include preparation and use of harmful information about the adversary’s actions or reputation.
T0075 Dismiss Push back against criticism by dismissing your critics. This might be arguing that the critics use a different standard for you than with other actors or themselves; or arguing that their criticism is biased.
T0075.001 Discredit Credible Sources Plan to delegitimize the media landscape and degrade public trust in reporting, by discrediting credible sources. This makes it easier to promote influence operation content.
T0076 Distort Twist the narrative. Take information, or artifacts like images, and change the framing around them.
T0077 Distract Shift attention to a different narrative or actor, for instance by accusing critics of the same activity that they’ve accused you of (e.g. police brutality).
T0078 Dismay Threaten the critic or narrator of events. For instance, threaten journalists or news outlets reporting on a story.
T0079 Divide Create conflict between subgroups, to widen divisions in a community

TA02 Counters
C00009 Educate high profile influencers on best practices Find online influencers. Provide training in the mechanisms of disinformation, how to spot campaigns, and/or how to contribute to responses by countermessaging, boosting information sites etc.
C00011 Media literacy. Games to identify fake news Create and use games to show people the mechanics of disinformation, and how to counter them.
C00028 Make information provenance available Blockchain audit log and validation with collaborative decryption to post comments. Use blockchain technology to require collaborative validation before posts or comments are submitted. This could be used to adjust upvote weight via a trust factor of people and organisations you trust, or other criteria.
C00029 Create fake website to issue counter narrative and counter narrative through physical merchandise Create websites in disinformation voids - spaces where people are looking for known disinformation.
C00030 Develop a compelling counter narrative (truth based)
C00031 Dilute the core narrative - create multiple permutations, target / amplify Create competing narratives. Included "Facilitate State Propaganda" as diluting the narrative could have an effect on the pro-state narrative used by volunteers, or lower their involvement.
C00060 Legal action against for-profit engagement factories Take legal action against for-profit "factories" creating misinformation.
C00070 Block access to disinformation resources Resources = accounts, channels etc. Block access to platform. DDOS an attacker. TA02*: DDOS at the critical time, to deny an adversary's time-bound objective. T0008: A quick response to a proto-viral story will affect it's ability to spread and raise questions about their legitimacy. Hashtag: Against the platform, by drowning the hashtag. T0046 - Search Engine Optimization: Sub-optimal website performance affect its search engine rank, which I interpret as "blocking access to a platform".
C00092 Establish a truth teller reputation score for influencers Includes "Establish a truth teller reputation score for influencers” and “Reputation scores for social media users”. Influencers are individuals or accounts with many followers.
C00144 Buy out troll farm employees / offer them jobs Degrade the infrastructure. Could e.g. pay to not act for 30 days. Not recommended
C00156 Better tell your country or organization story Civil engagement activities conducted on the part of EFP forces. NATO should likewise provide support and training, where needed, to local public affairs and other communication personnel. Local government and military public affairs personnel can play their part in creating and disseminating entertaining and sharable content that supports the EFP mission.
C00164 compatriot policy protect the interests of this population and, more importantly, influence the population to support pro-Russia causes and effectively influence the politics of its neighbors
C00169 develop a creative content hub international donors will donate to a basket fund that will pay a committee of local experts who will, in turn, manage and distribute the money to Russian-language producers and broadcasters that pitch various projects.
C00207 Run a competing disinformation campaign - not recommended
C00222 Tabletop simulations Simulate misinformation and disinformation campaigns, and responses to them, before campaigns happen.

TA02 Detections
F00007 Monitor account level activity in social networks
F00086 Outpace Competitor Intelligence Capabilities Develop an intelligence-based understanding of foreign actors’ motivations, psychologies, and societal and geopolitical contexts. Leverage artificial intelligence to identify patterns and infer competitors’ intent