C00070 "Block access to disinformation resources"

Tactic stage: TA02

Metatechnique: M005

Summary: Resources = accounts, channels etc. Block access to platform. DDOS an attacker. TA02*: DDOS at the critical time, to deny an adversary's time-bound objective. T0008: A quick response to a proto-viral story will affect it's ability to spread and raise questions about their legitimacy. Hashtag: Against the platform, by drowning the hashtag. T0046 - Search Engine Optimization: Sub-optimal website performance affect its search engine rank, which I interpret as "blocking access to a platform".

Counters techniques:

T0014 Prepare fundraising campaigns
T0015 Create hashtags and search artifacts
T0017 Conduct fundraising
T0046 Use Search Engine Optimization
T0057 Organize Events