P03: Execute

Summary: Run the action, from initial exposure to wrap-up and/or maintaining presence etc.

P03 Tactic stages
TA08 Conduct Pump Priming Release content on a targetted small scale, prior to general release, including releasing seed. Used for preparation before broader release, and as message honing. Used for preparation before broader release, and as message honing.
TA09 Deliver Content Release content to general public or larger population
TA10 Drive Offline Activity Move incident/campaign from online to offline. Encouraging users to move from the platform on which they initially viewed operation content and engage in the physical information space or offline world. This may include operation-aligned rallies or protests, radio, newspaper, or billboards. An influence operation may drive to physical forums to diversify its information channels and facilitate spaces where the target audience can engage with both operation content and like-minded individuals offline.
TA11 Persist in the Information Environment Persist in the Information Space refers to taking measures that allow an operation to maintain its presence and avoid takedown by an external entity. Techniques in Persist in the Information Space help campaigns operate without detection and appear legitimate to the target audience and platform monitoring services. Influence operations on social media often persist online by varying the type of information assets and platforms used throughout the campaign.
TA17 Maximize Exposure Maximize exposure of the target audience to incident/campaign content via flooding, amplifying, and cross-posting.
TA18 Drive Online Harms Actions taken by an influence operation to harm their opponents in online spaces through harassment, suppression, releasing private information, and controlling the information space through offensive cyberspace operations.