T0060 "Continue to Amplify"

Tactic stage: TA11

Summary: continue narrative or message amplification after the main incident work has finished


Has counters:

C00046 Marginalise and discredit extremist groups
C00048 Name and Shame Influencers
C00073 Inoculate populations through media literacy training
C00074 Identify and delete or rate limit identical content
C00078 Change Search Algorithms for Disinformation Content
C00085 Mute content
C00117 Downgrade / de-amplify so message is seen by fewer people
C00119 Engage payload and debunk.
C00122 Content moderation
C00123 Remove or rate limit botnets
C00131 Seize and analyse botnet servers
C00138 Spam domestic actors with lawsuits
C00143 (botnet) DMCA takedown requests to waste group time
C00147 Make amplification of social media posts expire (e.g. can't like/ retweet after n days)

Detection methods include:

F00002 Analyse viral fizzle
F00008 Detect abnormal amplification
F00079 Network anomaly detection


Examples include:

Seen in incidents: