C00085 "Mute content"

Tactic stage: TA06

Metatechnique: M003

Summary: Rate-limit disinformation content. Reduces its effects, whilst not running afoul of censorship concerns. Online archives of content (archives of websites, social media profiles, media, copies of published advertisements; or archives of comments attributed to bad actors, as well as anonymized metadata about users who interacted with them and analysis of the effect) is useful for intelligence analysis and public transparency, but will need similar muting or tagging/ shaming as associated with bad actors.

Counters techniques:

T0007 Create Inauthentic Social Media Pages and Groups
T0017 Conduct fundraising
T0022 Leverage Conspiracy Theory Narratives
T0045 Use fake experts
T0044 Seed distortions
T0049 Flooding the Information Space
T0057 Organize Events
T0061 Sell Merchandise
T0060 Continue to Amplify