C00048 "Name and Shame Influencers"

Tactic stage: TA15

Metatechnique: M003

Summary: Think about the different levels: individual vs state-sponsored account. Includes “call them out” and “name and shame”. Identify social media accounts as sources of propaganda—“calling them out”— might be helpful to prevent the spread of their message to audiences that otherwise would consider them factual. Identify, monitor, and, if necessary, target externally-based nonattributed social media accounts. Impact of and Dealing with Trolls - "Chatham House has observed that trolls also sometimes function as decoys, as a way of “keeping the infantry busy” that “aims to wear down the other side” (Lough et al., 2014). Another type of troll involves “false accounts posing as authoritative information sources on social media”.

Counters techniques:

T0010 Cultivate ignorant agents
T0045 Use fake experts
T0048 Harass
T0057 Organize Events
T0060 Continue to Amplify
T0061 Sell Merchandise