T0015 "Create hashtags and search artifacts"

Tactic stage: TA06

Summary: Create one or more hashtags and/or hashtag groups. Many incident-based campaigns will create hashtags to promote their fabricated event. Creating a hashtag for an incident can have two important effects: 1. Create a perception of reality around an event. Certainly only "real" events would be discussed in a hashtag. After all, the event has a name!, and 2. Publicize the story more widely through trending lists and search behavior. Asset needed to direct/control/manage "conversation" connected to launching new incident/campaign with new hashtag for applicable social media sites).


Has counters:

C00006 Charge for social media
C00012 Platform regulation
C00016 Censorship
C00066 Co-opt a hashtag and drown it out (hijack it back)
C00070 Block access to disinformation resources
C00107 Content moderation
C00122 Content moderation
C00176 Improve Coordination amongst stakeholders: public and private

Detection methods include:

F00015 Detect anomalies in membership growth patterns


Examples include:

Seen in incidents: