T0017 "Conduct fundraising"

Tactic stage: TA10

Summary: Fundraising campaigns refer to an influence operation’s systematic effort to seek financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise using online activities that further promote operation information pathways while raising a profit. Many influence operations have engaged in crowdfunding services166 on platforms including Tipee, Patreon, and GoFundMe. An operation may use its previously prepared fundraising campaigns to promote operation messaging while raising money to support its activities.


Has counters:

C00012 Platform regulation
C00016 Censorship
C00058 Report crowdfunder as violator
C00067 Denigrate the recipient/ project (of online funding)
C00070 Block access to disinformation resources
C00085 Mute content
C00093 Influencer code of conduct
C00107 Content moderation
C00122 Content moderation
C00129 Use banking to cut off access
C00153 Take pre-emptive action against actors' infrastructure
C00155 Ban incident actors from funding sites
C00176 Improve Coordination amongst stakeholders: public and private
C00178 Fill information voids with non-disinformation content
C00216 Use advertiser controls to stem flow of funds to bad actors

Detection methods include:

F00016 Identify fence-sitters
F00058 Deplatform (cancel culture)


Examples include:

Seen in incidents: