T0018 "Purchase Targeted Advertisements"

Tactic stage: TA05

Summary: Create or fund advertisements targeted at specific populations


Has counters:

C00006 Charge for social media
C00010 Enhanced privacy regulation for social media
C00012 Platform regulation
C00016 Censorship
C00065 Reduce political targeting
C00076 Prohibit images in political discourse channels
C00105 Buy more advertising than misinformation creators
C00107 Content moderation
C00122 Content moderation
C00129 Use banking to cut off access
C00153 Take pre-emptive action against actors' infrastructure
C00176 Improve Coordination amongst stakeholders: public and private
C00178 Fill information voids with non-disinformation content
C00195 Redirect searches away from disinformation or extremist content
C00216 Use advertiser controls to stem flow of funds to bad actors

Detection methods include:

F00016 Identify fence-sitters
F00058 Deplatform (cancel culture)


Examples include:

Seen in incidents: