C00012 "Platform regulation"

Tactic stage: TA01

Metatechnique: M007

Summary: Empower existing regulators to govern social media. Also covers Destroy. Includes: Include the role of social media in the regulatory framework for media. The U.S. approach will need to be carefully crafted to protect First Amendment principles, create needed transparency, ensure liability, and impose costs for noncompliance. Includes Create policy that makes social media police disinformation. Includes: Use fraud legislation to clean up social media

Counters techniques:

T0002 Facilitate State Propaganda
T0003 Leverage Existing Narratives
T0007 Create Inauthentic Social Media Pages and Groups
T0009 Create fake experts
T0013 Create inauthentic websites
T0014 Prepare fundraising campaigns
T0015 Create hashtags and search artifacts
T0016 Create Clickbait
T0017 Conduct fundraising
T0018 Purchase Targeted Advertisements
T0022 Leverage Conspiracy Theory Narratives
T0043 Chat apps
T0045 Use fake experts
T0046 Use Search Engine Optimization
T0047 Censor social media as a political force
T0048 Harass
T0049 Flooding the Information Space
T0057 Organize Events
T0061 Sell Merchandise