C00176 "Improve Coordination amongst stakeholders: public and private"

Tactic stage: TA01

Metatechnique: M007

Summary: Coordinated disinformation challenges are increasingly multidisciplinary, there are few organizations within the national security structures that are equipped with the broad-spectrum capability to effectively counter large-scale conflict short of war tactics in real-time. Institutional hurdles currently impede diverse subject matter experts, hailing from outside of the traditional national security and foreign policy disciplines (e.g., physical science, engineering, media, legal, and economics fields), from contributing to the direct development of national security countermeasures to emerging conflict short of war threat vectors. A Cognitive Security Action Group (CSAG), akin to the Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG), could drive interagency alignment across equivalents of DHS, DoS, DoD, Intelligence Community, and other implementing agencies, in areas including strategic narrative, and the nexus of cyber and information operations.

Counters techniques:

T0009 Create fake experts
T0007 Create Inauthentic Social Media Pages and Groups
T0013 Create inauthentic websites
T0014 Prepare fundraising campaigns
T0015 Create hashtags and search artifacts
T0016 Create Clickbait
T0017 Conduct fundraising
T0018 Purchase Targeted Advertisements
T0045 Use fake experts
T0043 Chat apps
T0049 Flooding the Information Space
T0057 Organize Events
T0003 Leverage Existing Narratives
T0010 Cultivate ignorant agents
T0022 Leverage Conspiracy Theory Narratives
T0061 Sell Merchandise