T0022 "Leverage Conspiracy Theory Narratives"

Tactic stage: TA14

Summary: "Conspiracy narratives" appeal to the human desire for explanatory order, by invoking the participation of poweful (often sinister) actors in pursuit of their own political goals. These narratives are especially appealing when an audience is low-information, marginalized or otherwise inclined to reject the prevailing explanation. Conspiracy narratives are an important component of the "firehose of falsehoods" model.


Has counters:

C00012 Platform regulation
C00016 Censorship
C00017 Repair broken social connections
C00019 Reduce effect of division-enablers
C00021 Encourage in-person communication
C00022 Innoculate. Positive campaign to promote feeling of safety
C00024 Promote healthy narratives
C00027 Create culture of civility
C00029 Create fake website to issue counter narrative and counter narrative through physical merchandise
C00030 Develop a compelling counter narrative (truth based)
C00042 Address truth contained in narratives
C00046 Marginalise and discredit extremist groups
C00072 Remove non-relevant content from special interest groups - not recommended
C00073 Inoculate populations through media literacy training
C00074 Identify and delete or rate limit identical content
C00080 Create competing narrative
C00081 Highlight flooding and noise, and explain motivations
C00082 Ground truthing as automated response to pollution
C00084 Modify disinformation narratives, and rebroadcast them
C00085 Mute content
C00096 Strengthen institutions that are always truth tellers
C00107 Content moderation
C00117 Downgrade / de-amplify so message is seen by fewer people
C00119 Engage payload and debunk.
C00122 Content moderation
C00125 Prebunking
C00126 Social media amber alert
C00156 Better tell your country or organization story
C00161 Coalition Building with stakeholders and Third-Party Inducements
C00162 Unravel/target the Potemkin villages
C00164 compatriot policy
C00169 develop a creative content hub
C00174 Create a healthier news environment
C00176 Improve Coordination amongst stakeholders: public and private
C00188 Newsroom/Journalist training to counter influence moves
C00190 open engagement with civil society
C00195 Redirect searches away from disinformation or extremist content
C00200 Respected figure (influencer) disavows misinfo
C00203 Stop offering press credentials to propaganda outlets
C00205 strong dialogue between the federal government and private sector to encourage better reporting
C00211 Use humorous counter-narratives
C00212 build public resilience by making civil society more vibrant

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